Robert De Niro Insults Trump at Tony Awards 2018

Robert De Niro Insults Trump at Tony Awards 2018

Robert De Niro shared her feelings about Donald Trump on a live TV show. At the Tony Awards Robert De Niro said “F—k Trump”. CBS had to bleep his voice at the show in order to maintain the reputation of live television program. The legendary actor openly abused president Trump.

At the Tony Awards Robert appeared on the stage to introduce the performance of Bruce Springsteen. Suddenly he said:   I’m going to say this — F–K TRUMP. It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump,’ it’s F–K TRUMP.”

Robert shocked all the people that were present at Tony Awards 2018. The channel bleeped his voice and that’s why viewers at home were unable to hear his thoughts about Trump. Robert De Niro doesn’t like Trump and he has criticized Trump previously but this time De Niro abused Trump at the live Event.

Trump Kim Summit is on the rise right now. Currently Trump is busy and all set to meet Kim Jong but it is expected that Robert De Niro will get chilling tweet from president Trump Like Samantha Bee very soon but right now Trump is busy. The historic meeting between Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump will Happen and whole world is excited for it.

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