Lena Dunham loses Her Fingernail

Lena Dunham spotted in casual red shirt and pants while visiting around town on Thursday morning in New York City.The 32-year-old Girls actress dressed casually in her comfortable gears. She also explained her casual dress on Twitter that she is a “sweatpants girl in a leather shorts world!!!”

Lena also opens up about a painful story in which she lost her fingernail. On Thursday, Lena took to Twitter to reveal the painful story of her broken fingernail.

Lena Dunham loses Her Fingernail
Photo Credit: BackGrid

“I want to text you back so bad but I broke my fingernail shaving my bikini line with a dull razor. This is a PSA!” she wrote on Twitter. A few minutes later she tweeted, “The fact that I don’t have tits is actually a huge practical joke. Nite!!!”

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