K-Pop Stars HyunA andE’Dawn Confrim their Relationship

K-Pop Stars HyunA andE’Dawn Confrim their Relationship

Young K-Pop stars, who are part of the trio Triple H, officially confirmed that they are dating each other on Friday. The couple initially denied reports in this week but finally HyunA used her Instagram to confess that it was true in a touchy note.

“I really wanted to be honest. For the fans who always support me and watch over me, I want to work hard on stage with a happy heart, with nothing to hide, as I always have. Thank you, and even though it’s really not enough just to say I love you, I have no other way of expressing it,” she wrote all these lovely words according to Soompi.

“While we knew that [dating publicly] would cause us to be linked in some way, both of us felt that it would be hard to meet our fans’ eyes [while performing] on stage. We wanted to honestly tell our fans and show ourselves confidently having fun performing,” they told  Yonhap News.

HyunA and E’Dawn have reportedly been dating since 2016.

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