Blac Chyna Insults Kim Kardashian Once Again

The Kardashian family is going through a major legal setback. On November 28, judge refused to throw out their request to strike Blac Chyna‘s lawsuit against them. Blac Chyna finally got a chance to trial against baby daddy and ex Rob, 31, his mom Kris Jenner, 63 and all five Kardashian Sisters for forcing E! to cancel Rob & Chyna show. 

Kim Kardashian is extremely angry about the new ruling.

A source told to HollywoodLife that “The Kardashian family attorney’s have been trying to fight the suit and keep Chyna from seeing her day in court, but they have not been able to convince a judge that the suit is frivolous. The sisters are angry and have been taking out some of their frustrations on Rob for bringing Chyna into the family,” a source said.

“Rob feels horrible about the whole situation and, aside from bringing Dream into his life, he has major regrets about ever getting involved with Chyna,” the source added. 

It seems Kardashians are in serious trouble.