Allison Jenny has seven Emmys and one Golden Globe and finally she won her first Oscar Award for playing the role of outspoken and abusive mom LaVona in I, Tonya. She happily accepted the award and gave all the credit to herself.

Allison Jenny has performed multiple roles and her acting skills are remarkable. Finally she got the best supporting actress Oscar for I, Tonya. She received her first Oscar and said: “I did it all by myself” and after pausing, “That’s nothing farther from the truth.”

Jenny told Deadline that she wanted to this role because she liked the character of a woman who wears a fur coat and always has a bird on her shoulder. She said: “I love one of the first things that (screenwriter) Steven (Rogers) told me about this part when he said he wrote it for me was that I get to play this woman who lives in a trailer basically, wears a fur coat, and has a bird on her shoulder, I was like ‘I’m in! I’m in!’ I want to play this woman.”

Janney said to Rogers tonight from the stage, “Thank you for the gift of LaVona…you saw this coming.”