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buzzfeedzz is celeb gossip and entertainment news website that gives you the most buzzing feedzz from showbiz. Buzzfeedzz is the quickest way to grab the latest celebrity and entertainment news from the internet. Buzzfeedzz feeds you timely and interesting feedzz about celebrities.

We simply provide you what you are searching on the internet in fast and credible way. Buzzfeedzz covers hottest news stories that you don’t want to miss. What makes us unique than other entertainment news sites is accuracy, straightforwardness and simplicity.

Buzzfeedzz produces original news articles and never forget to mention trustworthy sources in news stories to make information more credible and trustworthy.

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We have mission to promote accurate, clear and to the point journalism on the web. We are celebrity and entertainment news site that bring tasty and fresh news stories from the large world of entertainment.Be part of our community of fun, loving and positive people who want to stay updated without wasting their time on long, boring and opinion based news stories. Get the daily dose of accurate, credible and juicy celebrity and entertainment news by typing “buzzfeedzz.com”.


BuzzFeedzz is created by Ali Raza Abraham. Ali is CEO and Senior Editor at BuzzFeedzz. Ali has spent more than 4 years in the field of journalism and has worked with multiple digital media publishers including thehollywoodgossip, mashable and radaronline as a contributor and freelance writer.

Ali created buzzfeedzz to give people fresh and juicy news stories in credible and fast way.

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